How can I send you my plugins and theme?

RapidWeaver stores the themes and plugins in a folder. You just need to find the folder, compress it, and send it to us. Here's how.


While in RapidWeaver 6 or 7, hold down the Option key (on your keyboard) and choose "Reveal Addons Folder". The add ons folder then opens. The folder is titled "RapidWeaver"

Hold down the Command key and press the up arrow (on your keyboard). Then that RapidWeaver folder (that contains your add ons) is selected.

Hold down the Control key and click on that RapidWeaver folder. In the contextual menu that appears, choose Compress RapidWeaver. That creates a file called

Share that zip file with us. You may need to use a service such as DropBox if it is over 1 MB.

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