Can you help me with my HTML/CSS/Javascript/Flash code?

We have a strict policy of not getting involved with any sort of code, script, or markup via email. It's much more difficult, time consuming, and frustrating than most people realize.

All of the YourHead products go through many hours of testing to ensure they work in RapidWeaver and a wide variety of browsers and themes. Customers have come to expect that of YourHead products. If we were to send out untested snippets to users, we would sacrifice that quality, our customer's trust, and ultimately our business.

We've had to learn this lesson the hard way so there's absolutely no wiggle room in this policy.

Of course, we want to answer questions about our products and how to use them. And we'd love to hear from you about any other subject, even if you just want to say, "Hi." However, when it comes to code, customizations, and modifications, your best bet is to turn to the RapidWeaver Forum. There's an active group of people that love to help with all things RapidWeaver, and there's quite a few that love to talk about code.

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