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The Simple Lists stack adds a flexible list, either numbered or bulleted, to your layout. It's a great way to add a complex list to your layout without having to rely on HTML.


You'll need to have Stacks v1.3 or newer in order to use the Simple Lists stack.


To install the Simple Lists stack:

  • Open the Simple Lists disk image (.dmg file) that you downloaded.
  • Double click on the SimpleLists.stack file.
  • If RapidWeaver is running, restart.

Simple Lists is now installed ready to use. 

Adding Simple Lists

Simple Lists is a stack, which means that you should see it inside your Stacks Elements Library. To get started, you should have a Stacks page in a RapidWeaver file already created. If you don't have a Stacks page already, create one by choosing Add Page in RapidWeaver and selecting Stacks.

  1. Click the Stack Elements Library icon.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Stacks Elements Library and click the triangle next to Other Stacks.
    You should see an item named Simple Lists near the bottom.
  2. Drag the Simple Lists icon into your layout.
    A three item Simple Lists stack will appear in your layout. It will be empty to begin with.
  3. Double-click on the Item Title field to edit the titles. 
  4. Add content by dragging other stacks into it.
    To get started, try dragging a Text stack (at the top of the Stacks Elements Library) into each of the empty drop-zones of the Simple Lists element.

Configuring Simple Lists

Simple Lists is a stack, so it comes with all the basic stack configurations, like Border, Margin, Padding, and Background. See the Stacks manual for information about those. Simple Lists also comes with three of its own settings: Items, Numbered, Indented, Title Size, and Item Margin.

To view and modify these options, select the Simple Lists stack. The options are listed in the Simple Lists section of the settings area on the right of the window.



You can choose between 1 and 20 items.


When this box is checked, the list will be numbered. If the Numbered box is unchecked, then the list will have bullets instead. The numbering and bullets will follow the styles that your theme has set.


When this box is checked, the content of the list is indented under the title. If the Indented box s unchecked, the content of the list is flush-left with the edge of the stack.

Title Size

The size of the titles can be set from 50% to 300% of the normal size of the font of your theme. Simple Lists will take care of applying appropriate margins and sizes to surrounding content.

Item Margin

The item margin is the amount of extra space that should be added between each list item row. You can set it from 0px to 50px of extra space.

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