Where is the Carousel Styles folder?

For OS X 10.9 and earlier:

Normally the Carousel Styles folder gets created in the RapidWeaver directory when you create a new Carousel style. If you haven't yet created a new style and you're trying to install the Carousel Style Pack then it may still be missing. There are three things that you can do.

  • Easy: Just place your new styles into the ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver directory. Carousel will find them there too.
Note: The "~" (tilde symbol) in the folder path above refers to your "Home" directory.
  • Medium: Create a new Carousel style -- just name it anything. Then the folder will be created in the right spot. Then you should be able to use the Carousel Styles folder alias on the Style Pack disk image without any trouble.
  • Hard: Create the folder yourself. Open up the directory ~/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver. Create a new folder. Rename the folder "Carousel".
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